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Michele Osella

Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, Turin

Business Models for PSI re-use

In recent years the Open Data philosophy has gained a considerable momentum. In the
public realm the free release of PSI datasets, besides enabling new and promising forms of governmental accountability, paves the way to third-party developed products and services. Nevertheless, PSI re-use performed by private sector entrepreneurs is striving to take-off due to the presence of numerous inherent roadblocks which are coupled with a certain vagueness surrounding the rationale underlying business endeavors.  Taking stock of this evidence, the research study presented by Michele aspires to shed light on the mechanisms allowing profit-oriented value creation based on public datasets. In order to delve into PSI-based business models, the study proposes a conceptual framework meant to pinpoint prominent levers that a business developer has at his/her fingertips for crafting the overarching architecture of a business venture hinged on public data re-use. Combining afore-mentioned conceptual framework and outcomes of case studies conducted, the research study portrays eight archetypal business models currently employed by the actors present in the world-wide
PSI-centric ecosystem.

Short Biography

Michele Osella holds a Researcher position at Istituto Superiore Mario Boella in Turin, Italy. He works in the Business Model & Policy Innovation Unit, supporting policy makers and managers in using ICTs as leverage to favor socioeconomic development and competitive-
ness. In the academic sphere, he is PhD Candidate and Adjunct Lecturer at the Polytechnic of Turin. Prominent strands of research on which he is focused are social computing, open innovation as well as Internet economics, with a keen interest on groundbreaking business models. Taking into account afore-said scientific areas, Michele is currently involved in a number of national and international projects developed both in private and public sectors.