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Bettina de Keijzer

De Gruyter

Striving for standardization – Metadata at De Gruyter

Metadata is essential to our business. Primarily, it is the instrument that allows users to find and navigate our content.

From being the key to our product planning and management system, to depositing to aggregators for visibility and to our customer base – mainly libraries – for integration in their catalogues and search engines, to supporting semantic search on the De Gruyter Online platform, metadata is used in all stages of our product workflow.

In this, De Gruyter is simultaneously the main producer and distributor of metadata. The data is either exported directly from our product planning and management system, created together with content XML files, or generated by semantic enrichment routines. In addition, metadata is created manually by editorial for specialized products like databases.

For De Gruyter, standardization is crucial for process efficiencies and integration throughout the supply chains. That is why we continue to establish and advance standardized workflows and data wherever possible.

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As Manager Publishing Technology and Applications for the academic publisher De Gruyter, Bettina de Keijzer is mainly responsible for database products and semantic enrichment. She has experience working for various publishers in Germany, the UK and the US in the areas of business development, e-publishing, marketing and editorial. Bettina de Keijzer studied digital media in Bremen and Dunedin (New Zealand) and publishing in Oxford (UK).