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Daniel Kinzler

Wikimedia Deutschland e. V.

Better Tagging: Wikidata as a Controlled Vocabulary

Wikidata provides a very large set of structured, multilingual concepts. It's essentially a community controlled vocabulary, complete with stable identifiers and rules about scope and granularity. It has more than 10 million entries, is freely usable, and reacts a lot faster to real world changes than most other such vocabularies. This makes it an excellent tool for tagging content in a way that directly ties it into the linked data web.


Daniel Kinzler is a senior developer for the Wikidata project. He has been active on Wikipedia since 2004 and contributed to MediaWiki since 2005. Daniel has been employed as a software developer at Wikimedia Deutschland since 2008, when he finished hist diploma in Informatics with a thesis about data extraction from Wikipedia.