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Dr. Adrian Giurca


Local Data as Linked Data

Vortrag zum Statusmeeting vom 7. Oktober 2014

Binarypark allows small enterprises to run online and mobile business at a discount price. We release Linked Data for the purpose of market research allowing intelligent applications to enhance local business sales and make new business insights possible. Particularly, the use of intelligent mashups, i.e., digital works in which data from one or more sources is combined and presented in innovative ways, is a great way to expose this value. Although there are many approaches to publishing and using consumer data, we believe Linked Data is a key solution of many of the challenges and can lower the cost and complexity of developing these applications. We present an ontology of local consumer and argue why Linked Data is a better model and how it can be used to improve local and regional business.

Präsentation ansehen (PDF)


Dr. Adrian Giurca is currently investigating methods and applications for information systems of the next generation, especially reasoning on user social media activities.  Formerly, he worked on knowledge representation (particularly with uncertainty representation) and logic programming. In 2004, he received a doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat ) from the University of Bucharest. Since 2012, he is a research advisor at Binarypark, a start-up using Semantic Web technologies to enrich the online Web and mobile presence of small and medium size enterprises.